C2 (1963-67)

All in the Family 1

All in the Family

Quentin Carbone lusted after this ’67 L71 coupe for years. In the end, he got far more than just the car

Striving for Perfection 1

Striving for Perfection

"Mr. '63" restores his dream car to a level of authenticity rarely seen

Destined for Greatness 1

Destined for Greatness

John Valvo’s ’63 coupe has excelled in many roles—including that of presidential “limo”—in its lifetime

Working Class Hero 1

Working Class Hero

This split-window coupe has been autocrossed, drag-raced and used to pull a boat, and it still gives its original owner, who boot-strapped his way into it, loads of satisfaction.

Snake Bite Kit 1

Snake Bite Kit

A 700-horsepower C2 restomod proves the perfect cure for a Viper affliction.

Stayin’ Cool 1

Stayin’ Cool

Still in the hands of its original owner, this mid-year big-block convertible sports a 502-cubic-inch V8 and a host of other mods.

End of the Line 0

End of the Line

It is only fitting that the last Corvette Dick Guldstrand built features elements of multiple generations, including a Sting Ray body, C4 suspension and a fifth-gen powertrain.

The Icon 0

The Icon

Beginning with the dramatically styled ’63 coupe and ending with enormously powerful big-block models, the Sting Ray cemented the Corvette’s place in history as one of the world’s great sports cars.

Politically Incorect 0

Politically "Incorect"

To the consternation of Corvette purists, the numbers on this '66 convertible don't match, it rolls on aftermarket wheels and its engine has been breathed on—but its owner would have it no other way.

My Other Car's a Driver 0

My Other Car's a Driver

What do you do when your restored mid-year has won all the big awards? Build a C2 you can drive.

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