Issue 117

December 2017

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Issue 117 cover


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    Personality Test

    Is the Grand Sport Z07 a thinly veiled racecar, a steroidally enhanced Stingray for the street or something else entirely? We dispatch contributor Eric Gustafson on a grueling, two-part test drive to find out

  2. Full Article

    The COPO Connection

    A special-order paint scheme creates a one-of-a-kind L-79 roadster—but is it a true COPO?

  3. The 10 Spot

    With the market for “driver” Corvettes continuing to soften, it’s easier than ever to find a quality C3, C4 or C5 for $10K or less

  4. Custodial Art

    Ronnie and Pam Edge are apt stewards for this ’57 Fuelie, one of Corvette’s most iconic models

  5. Back on Track

    Brian Pokropski finds the perfect balance between street and road-course performance in his supercharged C6

  6. Evolutionary Warrior

    Built atop the bones of its predecessor, the ’68 Corvette brought sleek show-car styling to the masses

  7. Rebooting the Corvette

    Responding to early criticisms and slow sales, Chevrolet girds its sports car to take on Ford’s Thunderbird

  8. Behind the Wheel

    Antonio Garcia on his favorite moment at Corvette Racing—and the one race he’d like to forget

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