C3 (1968-82)

Hot and Rare 2

Hot and Rare

With its arsenal of high-performance gear and limited-production status, the 1970 ZR1 is a collectible factory racecar with few equals

C6 (2005-13)

Fab Flyer 2

Fab Flyer

George Haddad’s highly modified 2005 coupe boasts looks, speed, and aerodynamic innovation in equal measures

C2 (1963-67)

One Thing Leads to Another 1

One Thing Leads to Another

A chance encounter with a ’63 Split-Window launches an enduring relationship with the iconic model

C4 (1984-96)

High-Value Proposition 1

High-Value Proposition

In which we learn that building and racing a competitive autocross Corvette needn’t cost a fortune

C8 (2020- )

Extreme Measures 1

Extreme Measures

Improving upon the already excellent C8 requires a boundless imagination—and some very special carbon fiber

C2 (1963-67)

Wing-Footed Mercury 1

Wing-Footed Mercury

Rich Shimer’s unique Grand Sport tribute is powered by an LS7-based marine racing engine

C8 (2020- )

First Look: 2023 Z06 1

First Look: 2023 Z06

Corvette’s “moonshot” supercar is finally ready for liftoff

C1 (1953-62)

The Undiscovered Country 1

The Undiscovered Country

Unraveling the story behind one of Zora Duntov’s ultra-rare “Field Test Fleet” ’57 Fuelies

C2 (1963-67)

Naturally Preserved 1

Naturally Preserved

Decades of disuse, followed by a functional freshening, helped keep this lightly optioned Split-Window in extraordinary, original condition

C8 (2020- )

Fear Factor 1

Fear Factor

Darren Friedman’s smartly modified “Casper” C8 is a terrifying apparition on the racetrack

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