All Three Tech Nerd Volumes

All Three Tech Nerd Volumes

Now you can all three of our Tech Nerd guides for the discounted price of just $26 (Canada $48 / Other Foreign $60). Launched to great acclaim in 2020 with Tech Nerd #1, continued in 2021 with Tech Nerd #2, and third volume Tech Nerd #3 published in 2023, these special publications contain a wealth of tips and information gleaned from the pages of our reader-favorite Tech Nerd column.

Each guide is organized in an easy-to-read Q&A format, featuring topics ranging from paint care and fiberglass repair to diagnostic trouble codes and high-performance upgrades. And with entries devoted to all eight Corvette generations, there’s sure to be something here for every fan of America’s Sports Car.

$26 for all three
(for U.S. residents)
No Refunds or Exchanges

Tech Nerd #1 (2020), Tech Nerd #2 (2021), and Tech Nerd #3 for $26
(Canada $48 / Other Foreign $60)

Includes shipping

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