C3 (1968-82)

Long Hauler 1

Long Hauler

This restored ’69 convertible has been a fixture in Jack Mannix’s life for more than five decades

C4 (1984-96)

Fundamentally Fast 1

Fundamentally Fast

Hewing to a back-to-basics approach, C.B. Ramey nabs OUSCI honors in a largely self-built C4

C2 (1963-67)

Flying High Again 1

Flying High Again

Determination, smart sleuthing, and a bit of luck combined to reveal this astronaut-owned Corvette’s special history

C7 (2014-19)

EV-olutionary Process 1

EV-olutionary Process

How Genovation transformed an ordinary C7 into the all-electric GXE hypercar

C1 (1953-62)

Family Ties 1

Family Ties

Father-son pair Ken and Brock Morris bond over their shared love of Corvettes—particularly this street-driven ’54

C7 (2014-19)

Itching for a Fight 1

Itching for a Fight

Mark Berry’s ProCharger-fed, E85-drinking C7 Z06 is a muscle-bound street tough ready to throw down

C6 (2005-13)

The Big Stick 1

The Big Stick

In contrast to some of the tuner’s earlier offerings, Callaway’s subtly styled 2013 SC652 let its formidable performance do the talking

C4 (1984-96)

A League of Their Own 1

A League of Their Own

The C4 fairly dominated Showroom Stock racing in the mid-1980s, with Bakeracing leading the charge

C2 (1963-67)

Screen Gem 1

Screen Gem

The Golden Era of Corvette racing lives on, in film-spawned clone racers like this spectacular ’66 “Penske”

C6 (2005-13)

Blue Wonder 1

Blue Wonder

After his first custom Corvette was stolen, Larry Malcolm recaptured its magic with this wide-body C6 convertible

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