Issue 112

April 2017

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Issue 112 cover


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    All in the Family

    Quentin Carbone lusted after this ’67 L71 coupe for years. In the end, he got far more than just the car

  2. Full Article

    ZR-1 of None

    Lingenfelter’s “Gen III” LT5 provides a glimpse of what might have been with the original King of the Hill

  3. Too Much is Never Enough

    Dameian Shepard’s centrifugally blown C7 Z06 has power to burn

  4. Slow Out of the Gate

    Chevy’s sports car finally hits showrooms. But would ill-considered sales policies doom it from the outset?

  5. Swimming Upstream

    The vast and varied “Shark” market exhibits fresh signs of life, though with a few notable exceptions

  6. Double Visionary

    With its 805-hp supercharged LS7, Steve Williams’ C6 Z06 serves up big thrills both on and off the track

  7. Detroit Irony

    Why the greatest engine in Corvette history wasn’t used to power one of the winningest racing Corvettes ever

  8. The Revenant

    How CERV IVB, a covertly built Corvette prototype, brought the C5 program back from the brink

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