Issue 121

June 2018

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Issue 121 cover


  1. Full Article

    From Mystery Motor to Main Street

    Corvette’s first big-block traces its lineage back to a NASCAR racing engine

  2. Full Article

    Space Program

    Chuck Miller’s innovative wagon bodies boosted Corvette’s payload capacity to new heights

  3. Buying Low

    Shopping for a quality C3 or C4 on a budget? Our tips and recommendations can help you zero in on the right prospect

  4. Project Genesis

    The humble Blue Flame Six served as a launching pad for Corvette’s high-performance future

  5. The Contender

    Jake Rozelle’s homebuilt C5 Z06 punches above its weight on a racetrack

  6. Battle Ready

    Following a battery of preparations, a ’72 LT-1 convertible enters the vintage-racing fray

  7. Proofing Propulsion

    Inside GM’s Global Propulsion Systems Engineering Center, where Corvette powertrainsd are tested and refined

  8. Change of Identity

    After years in storage and a protracted restoration, Jim Salanitri’s ’60 Fuelie racer is reborn as a successful show car

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