Issue 119

March 2018

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  1. Full Article

    Continuous Improvement

    Scott Koeppel derives maximum enjoyment from his C7 by regularly tweaking its performance and appearance

  2. Full Article

    Long-Distance Relationship

    After nearly half a century and more than 600,000 miles, this ’63 Corvette is still bringing joy to its owner

  3. Numerology Made Them Do It

    An ’88 Z01’s unlikely numbers prove impossible for a couple to resist

  4. Stretching the Corvette's Legs

    Chevy’s two-seater makes significant inroads in motorsports competition

  5. A Penitent Man

    This ’56 roadster serves as an act of contrition for owner Joe Pennacchio

  6. Top Guns

    Z06 and ZR1 Corvettes have long served as the brand’s performance benchmarks. Here, we take a closer look at the modern iterations of both models

  7. More Then Meets there Eye

    The '68 Bizzarini Manta boasts Corvette small-block power beneath its sleek, Giugiaro-styled skin

  8. The LS Legacy

    GM’s revolutionary LS engine platform propelled Corvette into a new era of performance and efficiency

  9. Overachievers

    Consistent, error-free execution enables Corvette Racing to sweep the ’17 IMSA GT Le Mans championships

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