Issue 118

January 2018

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Issue 118 cover


  1. Full Article

    Crown Jewel

    With a little help from a master restorer, David Wahrhaftig found the final piece in his Corvette troika

  2. Full Article

    Technology Creep

    Automotive evolution stretches the performance envelope on Jason Harding’s 860-hp C7 Z06

  3. C5 Slide

    A notable drop in resale prices makes the value-packed fifth-generation Corvette an even better buy

  4. C1 Comes to Life

    Under the stewardship of Zora Duntov and Ed Cole, Corvette evolves into a true high-performance car

  5. An Honest Corvette

    After more than a decade of disuse, a tired-but-true ’62 gets a new owner—and a new lease on life

  6. Rare Bird

    Craig Nixon’s “MOOVETT” ’75 pays tribute to a fast-food icon, racking up miles and trophies along the way

  7. Wanted: Dead or Alive

    Tom Souza’s hot pursuit of this ’56 roadster sparked a passion for Corvette racing and restoration

  8. Behind the Wheel

    Tommy Milner on his favorite moment at Corvette Racing—and the one race he’d like to forget

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