C2 (1963-67)

Crown Jewel 1

Crown Jewel

With a little help from a master restorer, David Wahrhaftig found the final piece in his Corvette troika

The COPO Connection 1

The COPO Connection

A special-order paint scheme creates a one-of-a-kind L-79 roadster—but is it a true COPO?

A Legend Reborn 1

A Legend Reborn

This race-winning L88 ’67 has touched many lives over the past half century, and engendered many lasting friendships along the way

All in the Family 1

All in the Family

Quentin Carbone lusted after this ’67 L71 coupe for years. In the end, he got far more than just the car

Striving for Perfection 1

Striving for Perfection

"Mr. '63" restores his dream car to a level of authenticity rarely seen

Destined for Greatness 1

Destined for Greatness

John Valvo’s ’63 coupe has excelled in many roles—including that of presidential “limo”—in its lifetime

Working Class Hero 1

Working Class Hero

This split-window coupe has been autocrossed, drag-raced and used to pull a boat, and it still gives its original owner, who boot-strapped his way into it, loads of satisfaction.

Snake Bite Kit 1

Snake Bite Kit

A 700-horsepower C2 restomod proves the perfect cure for a Viper affliction.

Stayin’ Cool 1

Stayin’ Cool

Still in the hands of its original owner, this mid-year big-block convertible sports a 502-cubic-inch V8 and a host of other mods.

End of the Line 0

End of the Line

It is only fitting that the last Corvette Dick Guldstrand built features elements of multiple generations, including a Sting Ray body, C4 suspension and a fifth-gen powertrain.

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