Issue 145

June 2021

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    Retired Corvette design director Tom Peters builds his own unique vision of a racing-inspired C3

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    Leading From Behind

    Chevy’s first and only experiment with a rear-engine Corvette meets with mixed results

  3. Market Report: C3

    From modestly priced drivers to bucks-up collector cars, the “Shark” era offers something for every buyer

  4. One Last Laugh

    A posthumous punchline caps Richard Orme’s lifelong passion for collecting Corvettes

  5. The One

    Tony Vickio’s infatuation with this Glen Green ’65 Fuelie has spanned more than five decades

  6. Wild and Woolly

    Thanks to limited budgets and still-nascent technologies, racing a C4 in the ’80s was anything but boring

  7. Roaring Ahead

    Corvette Racing resumes last season’s torrid GTLM pace with a convincing 1-2 finish at Daytona

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