Issue 150

January 2022

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 150 cover


  1. Full Article

    Naturally Preserved

    Decades of disuse, followed by a functional freshening, helped keep this lightly optioned Split-Window in extraordinary, original condition

  2. Full Article

    Fear Factor

    Darren Friedman’s smartly modified “Casper” C8 is a terrifying apparition on the racetrack

  3. Super Survivor

    This ’79 coupe’s paint, upholstery, and carpeting look as fresh as the day they left St. Louis

  4. To the Extremes

    Road-tripping to the far reaches of the country underscores the multi-faceted appeal of the C7 Stingray

  5. Here Comes the Judge

    Reviving this ’55 roadster into a Top Flight Winner was no laughing matter for NCRS Master Judge Troy Pyles

  6. Demystified

    Unraveling the story of Mickey Thompson’s infamous “Mystery Motor” Z06 racecar

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