Issue 140

October 2020

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  1. Full Article

    Screen Gem

    The Golden Era of Corvette racing lives on, in film-spawned clone racers like this spectacular ’66 “Penske”

  2. Full Article

    Blue Wonder

    After his first custom Corvette was stolen, Larry Malcolm recaptured its magic with this wide-body C6 convertible

  3. Market Report: Z Cars

    With their upgraded performance hardware, these Corvettes remain some of the best deals around

  4. Family Jewel

    Blessed with speed and sentimental value in equal measure, this LS3 ’77 is a very special kind of heirloom

  5. Of Birdcages and Bodywork

    Pitfalls to avoid when shopping for a classic C1, C2, or C3 Corvette

  6. The Culmination

    Dean Maxwell’s LT4-powered ’64 restomod caps a long, rich history of Corvette ownership

  7. Mitchell Makes His Mark

    The Styling VP’s XP-700 and XP-755 prototypes were direct predecessors of the spectacular Shark

  8. Polite But Intense

    A fierce-but-friendly L88 rivalry takes center stage at the SVRA Vintage Race of Champions

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