Issue 127

March 2019

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  1. Full Article

    Third Time's a Charm

    Wade Russell has owned this rare ’67 coupe three separate times, but vows he’ll never part with it again

  2. Full Article

    The C4 Gets Serious

    Part 3: At less than 3,000 pounds, Chevy’s ZR-1 SS “Snake Skinner” prototype did more—much more—with less

  3. In the Genes

    Jill Struck’s fascination with Corvettes—and this lightly customized ’60 in particular—began at an early age

  4. Accessible Performance

    Today’s used-Corvette market is chockablock with quality C3, C4 and C5 models in the $15K range

  5. Show of Force

    GM’s Mark Reuss shows off a few cool concepts, his own Corvettes and a cop-bait orange 2019 ZR1

  6. The Amalgam

    The ultra-rare Concept C60 repurposed a touchstone of early-C1 styling in a modern Corvette package

  7. Fabulous Fifty-Seven

    With more power, gears and technology, the ’57 model elevated Corvette performance to a whole new level

  8. Double Feature

    Rich and Carrie Willhoff’s “his and hers” C6s aim to clean up in Ultimate Street Car competition

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