Issue 114

July 2017

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    A Legend Reborn

    This race-winning L88 ’67 has touched many lives over the past half century, and engendered many lasting friendships along the way

  2. Full Article

    Unusual Suspect

    In which John Woods finds that, contrary to popular belief, being caught in a Cross-Fire is no bad thing

  3. Going Down

    Following a slight uptick last year, C4 values resume their previous trajectory. Consequently, deals abound

  4. Air Superiority

    Armed with Ramjet injection and a special induction system, the RPO 579D ’57 was an on-track menace

  5. Hawaii 5.7

    With its boosted LS6 and show-ready appearance, Andrew Spitz’s C5 Z06 serves up big fun on the Big Island

  6. C1 in the Doldrums

    Chevy’s sports car survives the 1950s, thanks to the arrival of V-8 power and a wily new engineering chief

  7. Wide-Body Bliss

    Larry’s Spatz’s ’78 Greenwood/ACI Sebring GT is an extraordinary example of an extraordinarily rare C3

  8. Into the Sunset

    Two weeks before his retirement from GM, design chief Ed Welburn tours Europe in a C7 Z06

  9. Pursuing Perfection

    Superior race strategy and faster pit work put Corvette Racing back on top at the 12 Hours of Sebring

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