C2 (1963-67)

Stayin’ Cool 1

Stayin’ Cool

Still in the hands of its original owner, this mid-year big-block convertible sports a 502-cubic-inch V8 and a host of other mods.

End of the Line 0

End of the Line

It is only fitting that the last Corvette Dick Guldstrand built features elements of multiple generations, including a Sting Ray body, C4 suspension and a fifth-gen powertrain.

The Icon 0

The Icon

Beginning with the dramatically styled ’63 coupe and ending with enormously powerful big-block models, the Sting Ray cemented the Corvette’s place in history as one of the world’s great sports cars.

Politically Incorect 0

Politically "Incorect"

To the consternation of Corvette purists, the numbers on this '66 convertible don't match, it rolls on aftermarket wheels and its engine has been breathed on—but its owner would have it no other way.

My Other Car's a Driver 0

My Other Car's a Driver

What do you do when your restored mid-year has won all the big awards? Build a C2 you can drive.

Tall Man's Bluff 0

Tall Man's Bluff

It may look like a mid-year on the outside, but this '65 coupe is packing C5 suspension, and a C6 engine—and more leg room than any factory Corvette ever built.

Full Circle 1

Full Circle

The restoration of a '66 big-block coupe brings an owner back to his automotive roots.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 1

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Sure, it's obvious this is no ordinary '65 convertible, but an LS9-equipped monster with 748 horsepower?

Scientific American 1

Scientific American

Corvette Grand Sport number 002 has found a new home at the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum.

Snow Job 1

Snow Job

This ’64 coupe has undergone a remarkable transformation—from a plowshare back to a sword.

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