C6 (2005-13)

An American Exotic in Europe: uploaded at 07/26/2023 04:23 PM UTC

An American Exotic in Europe

Importing a 2007 Indy Pace Car was no mean feat for Belgian enthusiast Jan Decancq

Fab Flyer 2

Fab Flyer

George Haddad’s highly modified 2005 coupe boasts looks, speed, and aerodynamic innovation in equal measures

Roll the Bones 1

Roll the Bones

Our man goes to the source to tell the real story behind Corvette Racing’s iconic “Jake” skull logo

The Big Stick 1

The Big Stick

In contrast to some of the tuner’s earlier offerings, Callaway’s subtly styled 2013 SC652 let its formidable performance do the talking

Blue Wonder 1

Blue Wonder

After his first custom Corvette was stolen, Larry Malcolm recaptured its magic with this wide-body C6 convertible

Firm Foundations 1

Firm Foundations

Part 2: Starting in 1984, the Corvette chassis shows real backbone

Nor'Easter 1


Callaway Cars and Chevrolet celebrated the 25th anniversary of the legendary B2K Twin Turbo Corvette by producing a limited run of 25 supercharged C6 Grand Sports.

Track-Day  Special 1

Track-Day Special

With 881 normally aspirated horsepower, this ’07 Z06 not only recalls the performance of mid-’70s Corvette race cars, it surpasses them.

Herding Cones 1

Herding Cones

In preparing this Grand Sport to compete in the growing niche of street-car racing, Brian Thomson elected to go with a naturally aspirated engine—a 442-cid LS7 with 740 horsepower.

Going Wide 1

Going Wide

Considering the relative rarity of her 2009 Corvette, this owner was loathe to modify it—but given her day job, she had little choice but to broaden its horizons.

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