Issue 148

October 2021

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  1. Full Article

    Mr. Clean

    Meticulous, wash-free “care” helped preserve this Monaco Orange ’69 427 coupe in near-new condition

  2. Full Article

    Roll the Bones

    Our man goes to the source to tell the real story behind Corvette Racing’s iconic “Jake” skull logo

  3. Once and Forever

    Working hand-in-hand, a father-and-son “car guy” duo craft their vision of the ultimate ’61 restomod

  4. Market Report: Performance Bargains

    These seven models offer maximum driving enjoyment for the money

  5. Plum Job

    With 800 street-legal hp, Jake Rozelle’s “reimagined” C5 Z06 excels on road and racetrack alike

  6. Profile: Jerry Thompson

    A candid conversation with the other half of the once-dominant Thompson/DeLorenzo racing team

  7. Julie's Car

    This respectfully restored ’66 L79 coupe pays homage to the past while embracing the present

  8. To the Letter

    Chevy’s “Q” program and XP-84 proposal left their imprint on the Corvette generations that followed

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