Issue 133

December 2019

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Issue 133 cover


  1. Full Article

    2020 C8 Corvette

    Does the first mid-engine production Vette have what it takes to win over brand purists and Euro defectors alike?

  2. Full Article

    Firm Foundations

    Part 2: Starting in 1984, the Corvette chassis shows real backbone

  3. Full Circle

    Art Nastre’s rare and original ’74 hearkens back to his first Corvette purchase more than 40 years ago

  4. Special Ed.

    We take a closer look at the myriad limited-production Corvettes offered from the C3 through C7 generations

  5. Choose Your Own Adventure

    Shane Dickey took the path less traveled with his classic ’59 restomod

  6. The Bair Minimum

    A top Corvette restorer returns a “barn find” Midyear to roadworthy, if not show-worthy, condition

  7. Behind the Wheel

    Swiss driver Marcel Fässler recounts his favorite—and least favorite—moments with Corvette Racing

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