Issue 141

December 2020

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    The Big Stick

    In contrast to some of the tuner’s earlier offerings, Callaway’s subtly styled 2013 SC652 let its formidable performance do the talking

  2. Frequent Flyer

    Brenda and Tommy Loftin’s ’69 convertible is a winner on both the show circuit and open road

  3. Old-School Cool

    Largely stock and period correct, Bob Paterson’s ’57 Fuelie is a vintage racer in the truest sense of the term

  4. Market Report: C6

    With resale prices continuing to slide, the sixth-gen solidifies its status as one of the top buys among sports cars

  5. Optimus Primed

    A street-legal C7 Grand Sport achieves performance rivaling that of its Corvette Racing counterpart

  6. Full Article

    A League of Their Own

    The C4 fairly dominated Showroom Stock racing in the mid-1980s, with Bakeracing leading the charge

  7. Driving the Dream

    Twenty years after purchase, Greg Mallow continues to seize the day in his street-modified ’58 roadster

  8. Not Just a Number

    Bill Mitchell’s XP-830 show car was born out of a wild single-seater and finished as a sleek Manta Ray

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