C5 (1997-2004)

Firm Foundations 1

Firm Foundations

Part 2: Starting in 1984, the Corvette chassis shows real backbone

Sometime, Nice Guys Finish First 6

Sometimes, Nice Guys Finish First

Andy Pilgrim’s impressive career is built on more than just talent

Fixed In Place 1

Fixed In Place

After 31 years of building Corvette coupes with detachable roofs, Chevrolet returned to its fixed-roof formula with the ’99 hardtop.

Conversion Machine 1

Conversion Machine

Four hundred and five horsepower for roughly $20K—the C5 Z06 is a car that turns buyers into true believers.

The Birdman Cometh 0

The Birdman Cometh

Having scored a great deal on a 2001 Z06, Wes Bird immediately modified the Corvette for track duty.

The Art of Deception 0

The Art of Deception

Thanks to its carefully designed and implemented modifications, this 2003 Specter Werkes/Sports GTR is both wider than it looks and faster than it feels.

Manhattan Transfer 1

Manhattan Transfer

To wean his twin-turbo 863-horsepower C5 Corvette off expensive racing fuel, this owner had to come up with a novel solution.

Inside Job 1

Inside Job

This is no mere tuner C5; it is the Skunk Werkes Speedster, designed and executed by the man who penned the fifth-gen Corvette—John Cafaro.

King of the Hill 1

King of the Hill

Best known for winning a Corvette Challenge championship, Bill Cooper has turned his attention to hillclimb racing, with a 600-horsepower C5 coupe being his weapon of choice.

Not For Sale 1

Not For Sale

You’ve already heard us extol the C5 Z06 as one of the best performance-car values on the planet, so this time we thought we’d let an owner sing its praises.

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