Issue 69

December 2011

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  1. Full Article

    1997 Twin Turbo

    What do you do if your heavily boosted C5 is costing you too much in racing fuel? Fill it with ethanol.

  2. Full Article

    1966 Big Block

    With hardly any outside assistance, one owner restored his dream Corvette: a 425-horse '66 coupe.

  3. Hennessey Grand Sport

    Want a 700-horsepower automatic convertible? Texas tuner Hennessey Performance will build one for you.

  4. Best $8K Buys

    The market for inexpensive Corvettes has gotten tighter, but there are still good cars to be found.

  5. 1994 Brickyard Special

    To commemorate the inaugural Brickyard 400, Chevy built 25 Corvette parade cars.

  6. How-To: C3 Rust Repair

    Windshield pillars are common rust spots on third-gen Corvettes; we show you how to repair the damage.

  7. 1960 Restomod

    A couple have a four-headlight car built with sixth-gen power and fourth-gen running gear.

  8. 1968 L89 Big Block

    Bought to outrun the law, this Corvette couldn't outrun its ageā€”until it received a full restoration.

  9. Bloomington Gold

    Having your car judged is a stressful process, as owners at this year's Bloomington Gold show attest.

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