Issue 75

September 2012

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  1. Full Article

    2003 Specter Werkes/Sports

    Specter Werkes/Sports’ limited run of C5 GTRs included just one Anniversary model.

  2. 1970 LS5 Convertible

    Having bought the C3 of his dreams, this owner restored it to better-than-original condition.

  3. Buyer's Guide: C6

    With prices for coupes and convertibles down around the $30K mark, it’s time to explore the C6 market.

  4. 1963 Coupe

    In the hands of the same owner since ’65, this split window has been treated to a bevy of go-fast mods.

  5. 1966 L72 Convertible

    While his mid-year big block was being restored, this owner delved deep into its history.

  6. Tech: Leaf Spring

    We examine the development of leaf springs in Corvette suspension, from 1953 through to today.

  7. Full Article

    Eckler’s CR-II

    In the late-’70s, Eckler’s built 15 wide-body C3s equipped with an innovative hatchback design.

  8. Racing: The Turnaround

    After several years of disappointing results, Corvette Racing returns to its winning ways in the ALMS.

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