Issue 163

September 2023

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 163 cover


  1. Full Article

    Another One Saved

    Corvette rescuer Jerry Lyndon transforms a “basket case” ’59 into a show-winning stunner

  2. Full Article

    Time Bandits

    A pair of distaff drivers tackle open-road racing in a C5 Z06

  3. Gold Standard

    Jack Mendenhall’s Midyear dreams came to fruition in the form of this Saddle Tan ’63 coupe

  4. Market Report: C5

    Despite continued runaway value increases, the fifth-gen Corvette remains a solid buy

  5. Years in the Making

    Keith Tholin’s period-modded ’55 roadster boasts a colorful history, and an august source of inspiration

  6. The Dark Phantom

    Dan Pagano’s 1995 “ZR/GS” coupe pays homage to two legendary fourth-gen models

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