Issue 65

June 2011

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  1. Full Article

    ZR1 Control Course

    We head to the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving in Arizona to become better ZR1 pilots.

  2. Full Article

    C5 Speedster

    GM designer John Cafaro penned the C5, but he also worked off the GM clock to create the Skunk Werkes Speedster.

  3. Buyer's Guide: Best Corvettes for $15K

    It might not get you a C1, C2 or C6, but $15,000 can get you some great Corvettes in between.

  4. Callaway Twin-Turbo C4

    The B2K option was pricey, but it boosted a 1989 Corvette engine’s output to 382 bhp and 562 lbs-ft of torque.

  5. Tech: C5/6 Drag Prep

    We tell you what modifications are needed when building high-horsepower fifth- and sixth-generation Corvette drag cars.

  6. 1970 Small-Block Coupe

    Other than a new coat of paint, very little has changed on this '70 Corvette—even its owner has remained the same.

  7. How To: C2 Carpet Replacement

    It involves a fair amount of effort, but installing new carpeting in a mid-year can be done at home.

  8. 1966 Big-Block Convertible

    So much can be accomplished by simply picking up the telephone, like buying your dream mid-year Corvette at auction.

  9. Racing: 2011 Season Preview

    Corvette Racing heads into the American Le Mans Series season with two new cars, two new drivers and newfound hope.

  10. History: La Salle II Roadster

    Though it never made it into production, the La Salle II roadster had a profound influence on the 1956 Corvette.

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