C3 (1968-82)

Renaissance Racer 1

Renaissance Racer

John Greenwood was a talented driver and engineer who built the fastest racing Corvettes of the 1970s.

Career Path 1

Career Path

An eight-year C3 custom build yields unexpected benefits for Calgarian Corvette enthusiast Jeremy Smith.

Reincarnation 1


Cliff Kancler’s ’69 daily driver rises again as a corner-carving restomod stunner

Gods of Thunder 1

Gods of Thunder

The L88 blew in like a hurricane--and vanished soon after. Forty-eight years on, we take a look back at the remarkable run of this race-bred legend

Forty Years of Fast 1

Forty Years of Fast

The inside story of Sundowner, land-speed racing’s most accomplished Corvette

Le Mans Memories 1

Le Mans Memories

With L88 power propelling it to 212 mph down the Mulsanne Straight, a Corvette fielded by a privateer team from Florida made a strong showing at the 24 Hour of Le Mans in 1972.

Torque Convertor 1

Torque Convertor

Corvettes have been available with automatics from day one, but this Turbo Hydra-Matic-equipped ’69 big-block coupe is unique, and is particularly relevant in light of the forthcoming C7 Z06.

The One 0

The One

The 1970 LT1 ranks high on anybody’s list of third-generation Corvettes, but for the owner of this ’70 convertible, the high-revving, curvaceous, chrome-bumpered LT1 is the most appealing Corvette of all.

Time Machine 0

Time Machine

Back in the late ’70s, Eckler’s built a small run of modified Corvettes to showcase its burgeoning parts business, including a unique hatchback design—a Corvette first.

A Tale of Two '82s 0

A Tale of Two '82s

What better complement to a pristine '82 Corvette than an immaculate one?

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