Issue 80

April 2013

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Issue 80 cover


  1. Full Article

    Supercharged GS

    We go along for a ride with Rollie Purifoy in the Grand Sport coupe his Chevy dealership modified.

  2. Full Article

    60th Anniversary Salute: C3

    With the C3 up to bat in our year-long celebration, we focus on a ’70 LT1 droptop and an ’80 coupe.

  3. Buyer’s Guide: C3

    Shark prices continue to creep upwards, though plenty of models remain relatively affordable.

  4. 1957 Fuelie

    With a 283-bhp fuel-injected V8 and understated bodywork, this ’57 is a shining example of the C1 breed.

  5. Grand Sport Roadster

    As with the ’63 race car upon which it’s based, this GS replica is powerful, lightweight and rare.

  6. Dick Thompson

    The Corvette became an icon thanks in part to the racing prowess of this mild-mannered dentist.

  7. Tech: Targa Tamed

    The removable tops on C6 coupes are notoriously squeaky; we show you how to stop the noise.

  8. Aerodynamics

    We trace the history of the Corvette’s aerodynamic development from the ’53 model though to the C7.

  9. Split-Window Funny Car

    Wanting a drag-race fast ’63 that was also streetable, this owner created a Corvette essentially from scratch.

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