Issue 108

October 2016

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Issue 108 cover


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    Altered State

    Carlos Brito’s Corvette Racing–themed C7 convertible sets a new standard for DIY customization.

  2. Full Article

    Time-Capsule Shark

    With its roaring LS6 big-block, Roger Suddeth’s ’71 coupe is a flashback to the height of the muscle-Vette era.

  3. $8K is Enough

    Looking for a fun driver that won’t rupture your budget? Today’s market offers plenty of compelling options.

  4. Rocket Ride

    Even unrestored, Joe Crosby’s ’67 “astronaut” coupe is a shining star in the vintage-Corvette firmament.

  5. Living to Win

    The life and times of legendary Corvette racer, innovator and driving-school pioneer Bob Bondurant

  6. The Elements of Style

    Harley Earl, Bob McLean and Carl Renner team up to develop the first Corvette’s unmistakable look.

  7. The Art of the Sale

    Looking to sell? Our man shows you how to move your Corvette quickly, safely and for the best possible price.

  8. Augmented Reality

    Reeves Callaway, Paul Deutschman and others on the incredible story behind the C5-based C12 supercar

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