Issue 99

September 2015

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  1. Full Article

    Born to Go Fast

    An exercise in performance incrementalism yields a 1,00-hp, Lambo-lambasting Stingray.

  2. Original Article

    A rare-option C4 surmounts sandstorms and senescence to emerge as a genuine Top Flight contender

  3. Full Article

    Rare Air

    Collector/restorer Dominick Salvemini calls this “air box” C1 the rarest and most interesting of the 57 1957 models he’s owned

  4. Special Education

    Modern Corvette history is chockfull of low-volume commemorative models. This month, we take a closer look at these “extra special” offerings.

  5. Teamwork

    This month, we meet the men and women behind the scenes who help shepherd the Corvette Racing C7.Rs to glory on tracks around the world

  6. Full Article


    Cliff Kancler's daily driven '69 coupe rises again as a corner-carving restomod stunner.

  7. Fire with Fire

    We light the fuse on a red-hot pair of Corvette flagships

  8. Born Again

    After a protracted gestation period, George Poynter’s ’67 restomod comes screaming to life

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