Issue 102

January 2016

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Issue 102 cover


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    Bill Mehrkens has a knack for Corvette makeovers, one vividly illustrated by his 2014 C7 "Grand Sport."

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    Career Path

    An eight-year C3 custom build yields unexpected benefits for Calgarian Corvette enthusiast Jeremy Smith.

  3. The Fourth Estate

    With prices for special editions and ZR-1s on the rise, the C4 market appears poised for liftoff.

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    Setting the Standard

    Having spent much of its life in storage, this rare Corvette Copper '55 remains remarkably original.

  5. Living the Dream

    Al Capotosto's adolescent flight of fancy becomes reality in the form of a one-owner '64 convertible.

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    Just for the Fun of It

    Delmo Johnson worked hard and played even harder, yielding a life of adventure, accomplishment and, above all, joy.

  7. Callaway CR1 Supercar

    Ben Roberts’ lifelong love affair with Corvette culminated in his acquisition of this unique Callaway CR1.

  8. Heads of the Class

    Rare and unusual Corvettes have pride of place in Ken Lingenfelter's meticulously curated car collection.

  9. Out of Contention

    "Adjustment of performance" regs dim Corvette Racing's chances in the second half of the 2015 season.

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