Issue 95

March 2015

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Issue 95 cover


  1. Full Article

    Accelerated Learning

    Can two days at the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School make you a more skillful Stingray driver?

  2. Dream Z

    With a raft of factory upgrades and a Lingenfelter-massaged LS7, this Z06 Carbon is a speed lover’s dream car.

  3. Buyer’s Guide: $8K

    Buying a used Vette needn’t cost a small fortune. To prove it, we round up a batch of fun fliers for the frugal.

  4. High Hopes and Dashed Dreams

    Performance edge notwithstanding, the new C7.Rs come up short in ’14.

  5. The Minimalist

    Equal parts style and substance, Tom Longo’s minimally modified ’62 manages to do more with less.

  6. Preservation Instinct

    Mike Iglio’s Admiral Blue ’95 drop- top is remarkably original—and destined to stay that way.

  7. Full Article

    Gods of Thunder

    RPO L88 set a new standard for Corvette performance. We take a look back at this race-bred legend.

  8. Keeping Them Honest

    Lot jockeys, beware: the C7’s new Valet Mode could make Corvette joyriding a thing of the past.

  9. Run for the Hills

    our Corvette is built for speed. Open road-racing events let you experience that speed in a safe environment.

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