C1 (1953-62)

Building a Foundation 1

Building a Foundation

Maurice Olley creates a new, fully competitive chassis to undergird the first Corvette

Lighting the Flame 1

Lighting the Flame

Working with limited resources, racer Mauri Rose heats up a Chevy passenger-car engine to power the first Corvette

Setting the Standard 1

Setting the Standard

Having spent much of its life in storage, this rare Corvette Copper '55 remains remarkably original.

Just for the Fun of It 1

Just for the Fun of It

Delmo Johnson worked hard and played even harder, yielding a life of adventure, accomplishment and, above all, joy.

Crown Jewel 1

Crown Jewel

Drawing liberally from the restomod playbook, Ric Ferrera and CCC polish a gem of a first-gen Corvette roadster

Early Adopter 1

Early Adopter

Did Chevrolet harbor much larger ambitions for the original Corvette? One V-8–powered ’53 model in southeastern Michigan provides some tantalizing clues.

Rare Air 1

Rare Air

Collector/restorer Dominick Salvemini calls this “air box” C1 the rarest and most interesting of the 57 1957 models he’s owned

Deadly Nightshade 1

Deadly Nightshade

Though influenced by racing, this 1958 Corvette is perfectly at home on the open road

Maximum Exposure, Maximum Fun 1

Maximum Exposure, Maximum Fun

After languishing in storage for more than 25 years, the most famous Corvette collection in history finally emerges from the shadows

Portrait of an Artist 1

Portrait of an Artist

One of the top illustrators of his day and a fixture of San Francico’s North Beach neighborhood, David Grove was also a Corvette enthusiast of the first order, having owned a ’53 for over 50 years.

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