Issue 155

September 2022

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 155 cover


  1. Full Article

    The Torchbearer

    Veteran mechanic Kevin Ferguson returns a dual-quad ’57 roadster to its original glory

  2. Full Article

    Charge of the EV Brigade

    Chevy teases a hybrid-electric C8 Corvette—and with it, the future of America’s Sports Car

  3. Critical Mass

    Mike Rovere’s 780-horsepower C6 Z06 goes nuclear in the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational

  4. Market Report: C6

    Inflation and a limited inventory of newer models prompt eye-popping price increases on 2005-13 editions

  5. Aspirational Endeavor

    Tom Yonkers’ ’74 restomod started as a budget purchase, but ultimately evolved into a show-winning stunner

  6. Memories Old and New

    Freshly restored following a stint in storage, this two-owner ’67 is ready to make up for lost time

  7. Corvette SS: The Creation

    In 1956 Chevrolet started building a sports-racing car to compete in the world’s great motorsports events

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