Issue 142

January 2021

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  1. Full Article

    Family Ties

    Father-son pair Ken and Brock Morris bond over their shared love of Corvettes—particularly this street-driven ’54

  2. Mirror Image

    A former GM engineer builds a one-off reproduction of Duntov’s famed CERV-I prototype

  3. Full Article

    Itching for a Fight

    Mark Berry’s ProCharger-fed, E85-drinking C7 Z06 is a muscle-bound street tough ready to throw down

  4. X-Ray Visions

    A pair of surviving see-through C2 display chassis from the golden era of GM auto shows

  5. Styling the '68

    Internecine rivalries and last-minute design changes threaten the C3 Shark’s path to production

  6. Silver Linings

    Corvette Racing makes the most of a temporary IMSA-season shutdown and surges ahead of the GTLM pack

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