C6 (2005-13)

Midwest Express 1

Midwest Express

Callaway Cars may be headquartered in Old Lyme, Connecticut, but we travelled to Hastings, Nebraska to sample one of its latest offerings—a 606-horsepower Grand Sport coupe.

C3 (1968-82)

Turning Point 1

Turning Point

After reaching a nadir in 1975, the Corvette’s performance rebounded over the ensuing years. With less weight and streamlined aerodynamics, the 1980 model was a much-improved sports car.

C6 (2005-13)

Nuclear Proliferation 1

Nuclear Proliferation

This 2007 Z06's engine has experienced a dramatic buildup of power and Atomic Orange paint has infiltrated its cockpit—exactly the explosive appeal its owner was looking for.

C4 (1984-96)

A Category of One 1

A Category of One

We can only think of a single car model built in honor of a dealer: the 1986 Malcolm Konner Commemorative Edition Corvette.

C3 (1968-82)

Persistence Beats Resistance 1

Persistence Beats Resistance

It took him nearly four decades to accomplish, cost a bundle and frayed plenty of nerves, but this East Coast enthusiast got back his first Corvette—one of the original Baldwin-Motion Performance Phase III coupes.

C2 (1963-67)

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 1

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Sure, it's obvious this is no ordinary '65 convertible, but an LS9-equipped monster with 748 horsepower?

C6 (2005-13)

Supercar Control 1

Supercar Control

A street car with a 205-mph top speed is certainly deserving of some additional driver training, which is why Bondurant offers its ZR1 Control Course—and why we recently enrolled.

C5 (1997-2004)

Inside Job 1

Inside Job

This is no mere tuner C5; it is the Skunk Werkes Speedster, designed and executed by the man who penned the fifth-gen Corvette—John Cafaro.

C6 (2005-13)

All-Star Player 1

All-Star Player

With an 800-horsepower engine, race-ready suspension and lots of lightweight carbon fiber, this C6 Z06 has all the bases covered.

Setting the Pace 1

Setting the Pace

Starting rather memorably in 1978, Chevrolet began building Indianapolis pace cars both for the track and the road.

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