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With an 800-horsepower engine, race-ready suspension and lots of lightweight carbon fiber, this C6 Z06 has all the bases covered.

January 28, 2011
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When the Corvette bug bites, it usually leaves a lasting impression. Just ask Sonny Hight, owner of the 2006 C6 Z06 on these pages. Why this heavily modified machine is parked on the infield of Yankee Stadium will soon become clear.

Hight joined the New York City Police Department in 1969. Over the years he steadily rose in rank, eventually becoming First Grade Detective in the Intelligence Division, where he gathered information on organized crime outfits. He was involved in numerous operations that were often very risky. In the early ’80s, he landed a part-time job dealing with a different group of volatile characters—baseball fans.

He was hired by the New York Yankees on a seasonal basis as part of their game-day security squad. This is where he met Eddie Fastook, a die-hard Corvette owner who inflicted Hight with the Corvette bug. “We became good friends, and Eddie would always talk to me about his collection of Corvettes,” Hight recalls, “which included a number of official Pace Cars. Once I observed his collection, I was hooked.”

This budding interest with Corvettes led him to buy an ’87, which he regularly drove to work. This car gave way to another C4, a ’92, which he kept until 1996. At that point, he ended up doing what many have been forced to do, which was to trade his Corvette in for a family-oriented vehicle. Professionally, his career also took a different path. His tenure with the NYPD came to an end when he retired in 1992. However, the Yankees gig was still going strong, and in 1995, it evolved into a full-time position when he was promoted to Director of Stadium Operations.

Ten years later, Hight was promoted to Senior Vice President of Operations, which gave him the task of overseeing all security issues for the stadium and the players. It also gave him the authority to drive his Corvette onto the diamond for a photo shoot. The job has its perks.

In 2006, with the Corvette bug still biting away, Hight ordered a brand-new C6 Z06. He was lured to that model because of its performance, and wasn’t disappointed once he took delivery. He was so content with the overall package that modifying it wasn’t even on the radar—at least in the beginning.

That all changed when Hight met Chuck Mosello, the owner of Corvettes of Westchester. He had been looking for a shop that could handle the maintenance requirements on his car; Mosello’s came highly recommended. Once Hight started bringing the Z06 in for service, he quickly became intrigued by the performance enhancements being done on some of the other Corvettes at the shop. Mosello explained to him exactly what the modifications did, how they were installed and what the expected gains should be. Impressed as Hight was with the 7.0-liter LS7 V8 in its stock configuration, the tantalizing prospect of bumping it up beyond 505 horsepower put a smile on his face. He was also motivated to add some exterior upgrades. That led him to George Gjokaj, the owner of Proformance Industries in New Rochelle, New York.

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