Issue 64

April 2011

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  1. Full Article

    Modified C6 Z06

    It’s not every day one gets to photograph a Corvette on the diamond at Yankee Stadium, but then this Z06 owner has an in.

  2. 1962 Restomod

    With a C6 engine and C4 chassis married to a stock body, this ’62 roadster drives like a modern car yet retains its C1 appearance.

  3. Buyer’s Guide: C3

    After being hit hard by the downturn in the economy, values for third-generation Corvettes are on the way back up.

  4. Full Article

    Corvette Pace Cars

    Beginning with the 1978 Limited Edition, we look at all six Corvette Pace Cars Chevrolet has issued over the years.

  5. 1995 Pace Car

    With its purple paint and white top, the 1995 Pace Car is not your average-looking Corvette—just the way this owner likes it.

  6. Inside Bowling Green

    From beginning to end, we take you through the entire Corvette-assembly process with a step-by-step examination.

  7. 1967 Coupe

    All original and well documented, this 327-cubic-inch/300-horse coupe was exactly the Corvette its owner was looking for.

  8. Racing: Dan Binks

    Longtime Corvette Racing crew chief Dan Binks draws from a life-time of racing experience to help the #3 C6.R finish first.

  9. 1968 coupe

    Though he retained his car’s matching-number status, this owner made a number of upgrades to improve his Shark.

  10. How-To: Power brakes

    Installing a power brake kit is one of the best ways to improve your C2 or C3 Corvette.

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