Issue 96

April 2015

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 96 cover


  1. Full Article

    As You Like It

    In which we learn that choice is indeed good, especially when it comes to 800-hp C7s

  2. Enduring Love

    After 50 years together, Jack O’Connor said his 1964 Corvette was more like a best friend than just a car

  3. Something Old, Something New

    Mark Hughes’ ’71 coupe embodies an ideal blend of modern comfort and vintage style

  4. Buyer’s Guide: Performance Values

    Big fun for small potatoes: C3 and C4

  5. Death 'Ray

    Pulling the trigger on Lingenfelter Performance Engineering's 624-hp supercharged C7

  6. Full Article

    Maximum Exposure, Maximum Fun

    After languishing in storage for more than 25 years, the most famous Corvette collection in history finally emerges from the shadows

  7. Champaign Host

    A candid conversation with Bloomington Gold's Guy Larsen

  8. Last Hurrah

    Though best known for his design work on the '63 Sting Ray, Larry Shinoda's final Corvette project was an expertly enhanced C4

  9. Up to the Challenge

    Jim Hall's featherweight C6 Z06 proves that less can be decidedly more

  10. Allied Powers

    The partnership between Michelin and Corvette continues to pay dividends on and off the track

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