Issue 77

December 2012

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Issue 77 cover


  1. 2010 Lingenfelter Coupe

    In addition to its 630-horsepower engine, this C6 is noteworthy for its pair of shiny sidepipes.

  2. Sidepipe Primer

    We tell you everything you need to know about Corvette sidepipes, from their history to how they function.

  3. Full Article

    Politically "Incorect"

    This breathed-on big block may not please Corvette purists, but that doesn’t bother its owner one bit.

  4. Buyer’s Guide: $8K

    It’s getting harder to find C3s for under ten grand, but plenty of fine C4 are available at this price point.

  5. Full Article

    1990 Coupe

    Our own Barry Kluczyk went in search of a used Corvette and found a screaming-yellow bargain.

  6. Tech: Ramjet Injection

    The Rochester fuel-injection system that debuted in 1957 was a complex device; we explain its intricacies.

  7. 1971 Big-Block Coupe

    The original LS5-spec 454 had a modest tune, but the one in this Corvette has been cranked way up.

  8. Sting Ray Styling

    Peter Brock explains the secret Sting Ray Racer design project, and how it influenced the 1963 production car.

  9. Racing: Mid-Ohio

    Corvette Racing returned to the victory circle just as an old nemesis, the Viper, made its comeback.

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