Issue 72

April 2012

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  1. Full Article

    Supercharged C6 Z06

    When you supercharge an LS7 you get a lot of power; when you do it to an LSX454, you get a whole lot more.

  2. Full Article

    1969 L89 Coupe

    It's not every day that you run across a nearly perfect, unrestored '69 big block with aluminum heads.

  3. Buyer's Guide: C3

    With 15 model years and numerous iterations, the third-gen Corvette offers buyers a lot of choices.

  4. 1964 Fuelie Coupe

    With its high-revving fuel-injected engine generating 375 horsepower, this Corvette is a real performer.

  5. 1959 Restomod

    Combining vintage bodywork with contemporary mechanicals, this C1 restomod has it all.

  6. MacDonald Corvette Special

    In 1961, Dave MacDonald turned to Max Balchowsky to create a smaller, leaner, faster Corvette race car.

  7. 1966 Big-Block Coupe

    With a 454-cid crate engine and a 5-speed gearbox, this mid-year has a few tricks up its sleeve.

  8. Spitfire Mk.26B

    As it turns out, an LS2 small-block V8 is the perfect engine to power this replica Spitfire's propeller.

  9. 2003 Convertible

    Chevrolet never offered a Grand Sport version of the C5, so this owner built one himself.

  10. Tech: Small-Block V8

    We explore the technical history of Chevrolet's small-block V8, from its inception to today's LS9.

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