Issue 71

March 2012

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  1. Full Article

    2012 Z06 Centennial edition with Z07 package

    Equipped with both the Z07 package and the Centennial Special Edition option, this is one trick Corvette.

  2. Full Article

    1975 Bright Green Coupe

    A real time machine, this ultra-low-mileage Shark still sports its original Bright Green paint.

  3. 1984 Z51 Coupe

    This original owner doesn't mind how his '84 Z51 rides and has no problem getting in or out of it.

  4. Best $12K Buys

    We tell you the top five models to target when you've got $12,000 to spend on a used Corvette.

  5. Tale of Two C5 Z06s

    After the son got a C4, the father got a C5 Z06, prompting the son to buy the same—and add horsepower.

  6. Corvette Chassis History

    From the C1's X-member to the C6 Z06's aluminum backbone, we trace the Corvette's chassis development.

  7. 1965 Restomod

    A non-numbers-matching coupe wasn't worth restoring, but it proved ideal for modifying.

  8. Racing: ALMS Wrap-up

    We look at Corvette Racing's last two '11 races—Laguna and Petit—and look forward to next year.

  9. History: Witton Special

    In the '50s and '60s, the small-block V8 powered many sports racers, including this Canadian roadster.

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