Issue 70

January 2012

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  1. Full Article

    ZR1 Hillclimb Racer

    Piloting his ZR1 daily driver, Lou Gigliotti has won the Spectre 341 Challenge twice in a row.

  2. Full Article

    1990 ZR-1

    The C4 ZR-1 seems to get a bad rap these days. We drive one and try to separate myth from reality.

  3. Katech C6 Z06

    Wanting to get the most from his normally aspirated LS7 engine, this owner ended up with 638 bhp.

  4. 2004 Callaway

    Most Callaway-modified C5 Corvettes are normally aspirated, but this Collector Edition is supercharged.

  5. Buyer's Guide: 1953-67

    The recent market correction has run its course; C1 and C2 values are mostly on the rise.

  6. 1954 Roadster

    Art Center College of Design students are hard to impress, but they loved this second-year Corvette.

  7. 1965 Big-Block Coupe

    With big-bore Corvette V8s, 427 cubic inches may be the iconic number, but 396 was first.

  8. Corvette World Tribute

    Historic Corvette race cars and the men who drove them gather at Road America in Wisconsin.

  9. Tech: Motor Oil Primer

    When it comes to vintage Vettes, selecting the right motor oil can be a challenge; we're here to help.

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