Issue 68

October 2011

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    Callaway Grand Sport

    The factory offers a supercharged Corvette, but not one with an automatic tranny and a removable roof.

  2. Full Article

    1980 coupe

    Lighter and more aerodynamic than its predecessor, the '80 model was a much-improved Corvette.

  3. 1965 Fuelie

    Severely damaged in a fire and left for dead, this fuel-injected '65 drop-top was brought back to life.

  4. 1996 Convertible

    With a few tuner tweaks adding to the C4's already edgy nature, this Corvette is one man's hot rod.

  5. Buyer's Guide: C5

    The fifth-generation Corvette offers incredible value for the money, and prices are still dropping.

  6. How-To: C5 Water Pump

    Many C5s are approaching the 100,000-mile mark and are in need of a new water pump.

  7. Tech: Frame Restoration

    We show you the complete process of restoring a '64 Corvette frame, from acid dip to powder coat.

  8. 1967 Small Block

    For many, a mid-year big block is the ultimate Corvette. The owner of this '67 has a different point of view.

  9. Racing: Le Mans

    Corvette Racing helped celebrate Chevrolet's 100th anniversary with a win at Le Mans

  10. 1960 Convertible

    Though in her 50s, this beautiful movie star is still getting roles—and turning heads.

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