Issue 67

September 2011

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Issue 67 cover


  1. Full Article

    2007 Z06

    Thanks to added displacement, a hotter cam and nitrous, this car's LS7 puts out 700 horsepower.

  2. Full Article

    1986 Malcolm Konner

    In honor of the dealer who sold more Corvettes than any other, Chevy built 50 special-edition cars.

  3. ZR1's Future

    It may be the most desirable model in the current lineup, but will the ZR1 become a collector Corvette?

  4. Sub-$50K Collectors

    The recent correction in the market for vintage Vettes has opened up the possibilities for those on a budget.

  5. Corvette Tire Technology

    Tires have played a big role in the Corvette's progress over the years; we trace the various advances.

  6. 1972 Restomod

    With this '72 convertible, what begain as a mild project soon snowballed into a wild transformation.

  7. 1973 Big-Block Coupe

    Thanks to some sleuthing by this all-original car's current owner, we learn about its first owner.

  8. Power Steering Rebuild

    In this issue's How-To section, we show you how to rebuild a C2/C3 power-steering system.

  9. Racing: Tommy Milner

    An experienced GT driver at age 25, American Tommy Milner is Corvette Racing's newest hire.

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