Issue 63

March 2011

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  1. Full Article

    Z07 vs. ZR1

    Armed with ZR1 wheels, tires, brakes and suspension, can a 505-bhp Z06 compete with a 638-bhp ZR1 on track?

  2. Full Article

    Katech-tuned C6 Z06

    Corvette engines that generate over 600 horsepower usually do so with forced induction, but this Z06 is naturally aspirated.

  3. Best Corvettes for $12K

    A few years ago, a buyer would have been hard-pressed to find a C5 for $12K. Now, such deals exist, as do great C3 and C4 buys.

  4. 1957 Roadster

    After waiting decades to buy his first Corvette, this owner found an unrestored ’57 and transformed it into an award-winner.

  5. 800-bhp C5 Convertible

    Thanks to a massive Paxton Novi blower belting out 15 pounds of boost, this droptop can trip the lights in less than 10 seconds.

  6. Tech: LS Strengthening

    LS engines offer great performance and reliability, but adding lots of boost pressure requires some stronger parts.

  7. 1967 Coupe

    An incorrect big-block V8 opened the door to other non-standard mods, making for a more usable mid-year Corvette.

  8. Driver Training

    We head to Spring Mountain Motorsports Park in Nevada to sample the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School.

  9. 1969 Coupe

    Having bought it new, the owner of this all-original and unrestored L71-engined Shark has no plans to sell it—ever.

  10. Race Report: Petit Le Mans

    Corvette Racing ends a frustrating season on an up note, scoring a victory at the 10-hour enduro.

  11. How-To: Radiator Removal

    We show you how to remove and reinstall a copper C3 radiator.

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