Issue 57

June 2010

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Issue 57 cover


  1. Mallett twin-turbo C6 Z06

    As a retirement gift, this NYPD Blue bought himself a new Z06, then had it turbocharged to over 900 horsepower.

  2. Full Article

    Museum Delivery: ZR1

    We follow a customer to the National Corvette Museum for the delivery of his ZR1, and take a peek in the plant.

  3. The Best Corvette Values

    The market for used Corvettes is brimming with good values; we select four models to target in your shopping.

  4. Full Article

    1977 coupe

    Spurned by an older brother who wouldn’t let her drive his Vette, this sister bought a new one of her own—a ’77 coupe.

  5. Emissions control primer

    From C1 to C3, we chart the fitment of emissions-control devices on the Corvette, and explain their functions.

  6. NCRS judging: 1967 big-block coupe

    After getting a great deal on a ’67 big block, one owner subjected his online purchase to NCRS judging and came out on top.

  7. NCM Motorsports Park

    We speak with the National Corvette Museum’s Wendell Strode and Tom Blair about the proposed Motorsports Park.

  8. Corvette SS debut at 1957 Sebring

    Peter Brock tells the tale of seeing the Corvette SS debut at the 12 Hours of Sebring in 1957.

  9. 1961 Pro Stock drag car

    From botched paint jobs to criminal behavior, the restoration of this ’61 coupe was a saga—but the outcome fulfilled a dream.

  10. The Vivas collection

    This husband-and-wife team retired from their Corvette restoration business so they could restore their own Corvettes.

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