Issue 56

April 2010

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  1. Geiger Z06 Bi-Turbo

    Germany’s Geiger Cars enters a twin-turbo Z06 in a top-speed competition in Italy, taking on Europe’s top tuners.

  2. Callaway 2009 GT1 Championship

    Few GT1 Championship Editions were made, and this particular convertible is the only one to get the Callaway treatment.

  3. Tech: Superchargers

    Superchargers are gaining steam in Corvette circles, with numerous aftermarket blowers on offer and one on the factory’s LS9 V8.

  4. Market Report: C3

    The recession is far from over, and third-gen Corvette values are down across almost the entire 14-year model range

  5. Full Article

    1971 big-block convertible

    A fully loaded ’71 convertible epitomizes the Corvette’s ever-increasing refinement as it reached nearly 20 years of age.

  6. Full Article

    1964 convertible restoration

    Funny the stuff you can buy on eBay—like a Corvette snow plow. This ’64 Sting Ray was converted back to standard duty.

  7. Profile: Terry Michaelis

    Though Terry Michaelis’ first car was a Mustang, he’s been a Vette man ever since—and become a key player in the hobby.

  8. Ex-Delmo Johnson racers: C1, C2 Z06

    Car dealer and racer Delmo Johnson has competed in many Corvettes, including these two Fuelies, a ’62 and a ’63 Z06.

  9. Scale-model Corvettes

    Like the Corvette, die-cast models have come a long way since the ’50s; we look at the latest ones from two manufacturers.

  10. 1965 vintage race car

    We explore one man’s approach to racing, watching him win with his ’65 convertible.

  11. How To: Holley carb tuning

    Holley four-barrel carburetor tuning made easy.

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