Issue 55

March 2010

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  1. Hennessey ZR700

    John Hennessey was once known as a Viper guy, but now he’s also tuning Corvettes; we drive the 705-horsepower ZR700.

  2. Full Article

    1965 restomod

    Born as a ’65 convertible, resuscitated as a coupe, reconfigured as an airbrushed restomod, this Corvette has seen it all.

  3. Market Report: C1/C2

    First-generation prices are down, but second-generation values are up, creating a mixed market for early Corvettes.

  4. 1982 Collector Edition

    In addition to special paint, wheels and decals, the ’82 Collector Edition featured a unique hatchback design.

  5. Tech: Cross-Fire Injection

    Fuel injection returned to the Corvette for the ’82 model year, but its throttle-body design failed to impress.

  6. Dutch collection

    In Holland, one man and his two sons preside over the largest Corvette collection in Europe, with over 130 examples.

  7. 1,000-bhp C5 convertible

    An ’03 ragtop was bought on a whim by a non-car guy, but it was soon turbocharged to over 1,000 bhp by the now rabid Vette fan.

  8. Genes Vettes twin-turbo C6

    Genes Vettes has developed a twin-turbo C6 that it claims gets significantly better fuel economy than a standard one.

  9. 1964 Fuelie convertible

    With a number of unique items, this silver/silver Fuelie convertible is like no other ’64. Question is, how did it get that way?

  10. NCM 15th anniversary gathering

    In September, we attended the National Corvette Museum’s 15th anniversary celebration.

  11. Full Article

    History: 1968 Owens/Corning L88 race car

    This ’68 L88 is one of the most victorious Corvettes of all time.

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