Issue 53

December 2009

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  1. 2010 Grand Sport first drive

    It’s a big deal when Chevrolet introduces a new Corvette, so we were excited to drive the new Grand Sport.

  2. 731-bhp LMR Z06

    Once bitten by the horsepower bug, it’s hard to not keep wanting more, as one Z06 owner learns the hard way.

  3. Best buys for $20K

    What can $20K get you in today’s used Corvette market? As it turns out, a whole lot—even a fifth-generation Z06.

  4. Full Article

    1967 big-block coupe

    What began as a restoration for a customer ended up in the hands of the restorer—this ’67 big block was just too good.

  5. LS7-powered 1963 restomod

    For some, a split window is a shrine that should not be altered; for others, it provides a blank canvas for customization.

  6. Profile: David Burroughs

    David Burroughs revolutionized the Corvette show-car circuit by introducing the radical concept of allowing more than one winner.

  7. 1973 East Coast custom

    Back in the ’70s, there were two distinct Corvette customization camps; this shark is East Coast to to the core.

  8. Racing: ALMS GT2-class debut

    Corvette Racing begins a new era in the American Le Mans Series. The GT1 Corvette is dead, long live the GT2.

  9. How To: C3 control arms

    We show you how to replace the front control arms on your third-generation Corvette in 34 easy-to-follow steps.

  10. Full Article

    1957 Fuelie

    Fuel-injected C1s are rare, but how about ones with original paint and tires? This ’57 version is hyper-original.

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