Issue 52

October 2009

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  1. Full Article

    783-bhp C5 hardtop

    With nearly 800 horsepower at its rear wheels, mega-wide tires and sinister black paint, this C5 is one hellacious hardtop.

  2. Hand-controlled 2007 Z51

    Thanks to a hand-operated device that controls the throttle and brakes, one man is able to drive a Corvette.

  3. 1961 restoration

    Some restorations are a long time coming. That was was the case with this ’61 Corvette’s—but it was worth the wait.

  4. Market Report: C4

    We examine the C4 Corvette, from assessing values to explaining year-to-year model changes to describing reliability concerns.

  5. Tech: Carbon fiber

    Carbon fiber is finding its way into the Corvette; we ask GM engineer Tadge Juechter if it will ever replace fiberglass.

  6. 1990 Lister Corvette

    You may have heard of the Lister-Corvette race car from the ’50s, but did you know there was a C4 Lister, as well?

  7. 1958 Lister Corvette

    Before Carroll Shelby created the Cobra, he had a hand in stuffing a Chevy V8 into a Lister chassis; we examine a ’58 Lister-Corvette.

  8. 1969 L88 convertible

    By definition, L88s are rare cars, and L88 convertibles are rarer still. We take a look at the last L88 convertible built.

  9. Full Article

    Racing: 24 Hours of Le Mans

    Corvette Racing’s GT1 program came to an end at the 2009 24 Hours of Le Mans, fortunately with a victory.

  10. How-To: C3 trailing arms

    We show you how to replace the rear trailing arms on your third-generation Corvette in 27 easy-to-follow steps.

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